Elektrisch varen in Amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam, you think of the beautiful canals filled with boats, where proud owners enjoy the city’s beauty on sunny days from the water. However, this is not always a carefree experience for everyone. Some canal residents experience noise and odor pollution from passing boats. For Sander Meuwese, owner of an aluminum sloop and founder of DAMOTO, this was reason enough to switch to electric boating. He values sustainability and the importance of silent boating. With an electric motor, you emit no CO2 and the noise level is minimal. He developed his own compact and easy-to-install inboard motor, now marketed under his own brand DAMOTO.

When will you start electric boating?

By making the switch now, Sander is ahead of the Amsterdam city council’s plans to make electric boating mandatory in the city center from 2025. As a reward for sailing with a zero-emission vessel, you currently receive a 70% discount on inner harbor fees in Amsterdam. This measure is part of the City of Amsterdam’s efforts to improve air quality and make all transportation emission-free within 10 years.

Amsterdam Electric

It is clear that the future of boating in Amsterdam is electric. It’s time to make the switch and contribute to a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable city. Are you ready to come on board and be part of this positive change?

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