Electric Boat Controller 40 kW Liquid Cooling 96V

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With the DAMOTO eCONTROL 40 kW Liquid 96V as the controller for your electric boat motor, you choose proven technology and extensively field-tested products. Advanced electronics and integrated liquid cooling make your propulsion system responsive, whisper-quiet, durable, and safe. DAMOTO develops and manufactures in the Netherlands.

The eCONTROL electric boat motor controller manages your motor and ensures optimal functionality, in conjunction with motor feedback sensors. Through integrated liquid cooling and a pump, the operating temperature is electronically regulated, resulting in an extended lifespan, improved performance, and higher efficiency and reliability. The eCONTROL is naturally composed of high-quality, moisture- and water-resistant components, constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel (RVS) and anodized aluminum. The connectors facilitate easy installation.

The eCONTROL needs to be connected to an eTORQ (not included). This Traction AC Induction Motor with feedback sensors is renowned for its exceptionally high peak power.

Features of the DAMOTO eCONTROL 40 kW Liquid 96V electric boat motor controller:

  • Integrated liquid cooling, higher efficiency, improved performance, longer lifespan, and reliability due to optimal heat dissipation
  • Input for motor position/speed encoder & temperature sensor, ensuring optimal performance across the entire speed range
  • Output for temperature-controlled cooling, minimizing unnecessary energy consumption under light loads
  • Dual microprocessor technology, continuous cross-checks on critical functionality
  • High microprocessor speed, a very direct response to speed and direction changes
  • Thermal protection for motor and controller against overload
  • High-quality components
  • Compact & robust, resistant to high physical loads
  • Water- & moisture-resistant, IP65 VFD, fully sealed contactor, IP68 converter, anodized aluminum heat sink, and stainless steel AISI 316 housing
  • Plug-n-Play, easy and error-free connection with corresponding cables

Sail towards the future with the DAMOTO eCONTROL 40 kW Liquid 96V and enjoy the silence, fresh air, while contributing to a better environment!



Boat Weight

< 6,7 ton, < 7,5 ton, < 10 ton

VFD Ingress Protection


Controller cooling


Liquid-cooled electric boat motor controller, input for motor sensors, power output for cooling pump, dual microprocessor technology, high microprocessor speed, thermal protection and Plug-n-Play