Electric Boat Propulsion 5kW Air Cooling 36V

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With the DAMOTO BUNDLE 5kW Air 36V as electric boat propulsion system, you choose proven technology and extensively tested products in practice. Advanced electronics and air cooling make your system responsive, whisper-quiet, durable, and safe. DAMOTO develops and manufactures in the Netherlands.

The beating heart of every DAMOTO MODULAR system is the eCONTROL. This advanced controller drives your electric inboard boat motor and, together with motor feedback sensors, ensures optimal performance. The operating temperature is reduced through a ribbed heat sink. The eCONTROL is naturally composed of high-quality, moisture- and water-resistant components, made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

In addition, the eTORQ electric inboard boat motor provides propulsion without the need for a transmission. With Tractie AC Induction technology, known for its exceptionally high peak power, you get a reliable powerhouse. Cooling of the eTORQ is done through the motor housing. The eTORQ is also moisture- and water-resistant, and constructed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The adjustable motor frame makes installation easy.

This DAMOTO BUNDLE 5kW Air 36V electric boat propulsion system consists of:

  • eCONTROL, controller [DATA SHEET]
  • eTORQ, electric inboard boat motor [DATA SHEET]
  • eTHROTTLE, throttle
  • Key switch
  • Safety stop button
  • Phase cables
  • Multi-cable

Sail towards the future with the DAMOTO BUNDLE 5kW Air 36V electric boat propulsion system and enjoy the silence, fresh air, and contribute to a better environment!

Battery Voltage

36 V DC

Motor technology

Traction AC Induction

Motor Ingress Protection


Motor cooling


VFD Ingress Protection


Controller cooling


Air cooled electric boat propulsion system including controller, electric boat motor, throttle lever, key switch & accessories. Commonly used in boats from 0.8 to 2,5 ton.