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The possibilities with DAMOTO MODULAR systems are endless. Create the perfect system that seamlessly fits your boat and easily adjust it as your needs change. Whether you're boating recreationally or professionally, DAMOTO ensures durability and top performance.

Freedom of Choice

At DAMOTO, we believe in the power of choice. Create your own system by combining DAMOTO MODULAR modules according to your preferences, perfectly tailored to your needs and the specifications of your boat.

Temperature-controlled cooling

Cooling is essential for the proper and prolonged functioning of any electric boat propulsion. Recreational users usually suffice with air cooling, but for more sports-oriented and professional users, liquid cooling is the only right choice. Our unique integration of liquid channels in the motor casing and the heat sink of the controller itself ensures maximum heat dissipation and thus optimal operating temperature. Due to the modular construction, it is also possible to mount the motor and controller in separate compartments, preventing any mutual heat transfer. Excellent cooling results in maximum efficiency, performance, lifespan, and reliability.

Advanced controllers
The eCONTROL Original controller is designed for top performance in humid maritime environments. As the brain behind the electric boat motor, it ensures that you get the most out of your engine. Utilizing motor encoder and sensor feedback, the controller optimizes performance across the entire speed range. The eCONTROL is constructed with high-quality components, often sourced from the automotive industry.
Powerful motors
For years, the eTORQ Original motor has been synonymous with top performance in humid maritime environments. Our traction AC induction motors, equipped with excellent 'full-body' liquid cooling*, ensure maximum efficiency, performance, lifespan, and reliability. The motor's exceptional feature lies in its active behavior during navigation, providing powerful stopping, evasive maneuvers, and precise maneuvering. Additionally, the eTORQ is remarkably quiet and low-maintenance.
Fast & easy installation

All modules are equipped with connectors, making them easy and error-free to connect with the corresponding cables (Plug-n-Play). The adjustable motor frame further simplifies the installation process.

High-quality components

We strive for perfection and exclusively work with high-end electronics and top-quality components, often sourced from the automotive industry.

Replaceable parts

We believe in sustainability and minimizing waste. If a component ever malfunctions, there's no need to replace the entire system. With DAMOTO MODULAR, you can simply renew the specific part, not only being environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

Regeneration & hydrogeneration (optioneel)

Our motors are suitable for hybrid applications, where the engine can also function as a generator to recharge the battery pack. In the case of a sailing yacht, it's also possible to charge using the propeller while sailing.

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