World's first All-in-One electric inboard motor

The eFLOW All-in-One series is the latest innovation in the field of electric boat drives and is characterized by the short installation time and protection against theft. Basically, direct drive inboard engines with associated controllers and maritime software are used that have become the best-known, most reliable and most appreciated system for pleasure, commercial and commercial shipping over the past 15 years. Thousands of boats worldwide have already been equipped with it.

The eFLOW All-in-One motors are available in air-cooled versions with power ratings from 2kW (3HP) to 13kW (18HP).

DAMOTO engines are specially designed for boats and optimized at a speed of 1450 RPM, eliminating the need for a transmission. They are also equipped with an integrated thrust bearing.

And, not unimportantly, DAMOTO motors and controllers are IP66 and IP65 respectively and are therefore not only protected against liquids, but also against penetrating moisture. In addition, the system is additionally protected by the watertight bottom of the box.

eFLOW All-in-One systems consist of the following components:

  1. Stainless steel housing, with integrated motor with silent suspension, thrust bearing, controller incl. marine software & PC/handheld connector for motor tuning, main switch & fuse, battery charger, on-board power converter (12V) (optional), connectors on front of box
  2. shore power cable

We also supply from simple to full color touch screen displays, ignition locks and throttles. Plug-n-play via connectors on the front of the box.

Why the DAMOTO eFLOW All-in-One?

The system consists of the integrations of your choice, pre-mounted in the box and tested.
Quick installation
The system consists of only a few parts.
All integrations connected in one box, with the exception of the battery pack.
Our inboard motors contain patented technology.
All cables are included and are also fitted with connectors to make installation easy.
Own dealer network, service points and service on location.
Anti Theft
Both the box and the power supply can be closed with locks to protect the boat and integrations.
1 to 5 years manufacturer's warranty on modules & 1,5 years on batteries.

Made in Holland

Go with the Flow