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DAMOTO is a Dutch company engaged in the development, manufacturing and international distribution of electric boat motors. The team, led by founder Sander Meuwese, consists of technical specialists who work closely with renowned suppliers such as Curtis, Honeywell, Trojan, Victron, etc. A dealer network takes care of sales, installation and service.

Around 1970, our production partner introduced its first induction motor, the design of which still largely resembles the current version. In 2005, with minor adjustments, the motor was adapted for direct propulsion of boats. Subsequently, a Dutch company took over distribution five years later, turning it into a global success. After the acquisition of the Dutch company by another motor manufacturer in 2018, they ceased the distribution of these quality products and shifted to motors from their new parent company.

Sometime later, DAMOTO, in the process of developing its new eFLOW All-in-One system, was in search of a high-quality electric motor. The choice landed on these induction motors. A strong connection quickly formed between DAMOTO and the manufacturer, leading to the decision to establish a partnership to revive the original systems.

The products are now released under the brand name DAMOTO and have undergone further development, sporting a new fresh look.

“We were handed these renowned electric boat motors on a silver platter and embraced this opportunity with open arms."
Sander Meuwese – Founder


Contributing to the sustainability of the maritime world out of a passion for water and technology. Our products are crafted with a focus on minimizing the ecological footprint.


We do this through innovation, design, and technology, always keeping an eye on energy consumption, lifespan, replaceability of components, and the sustainability of the supply chain.

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