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Warranty provisions

1. Mkwadraat B.V., trading under the trade name Damoto, (hereinafter: Damoto) provides a standard 1-year warranty on delivered products.
2. The effective date of the warranty is the invoice date of purchase.
3. Warranty conditions
3.1 The warranty only applies if the product has been assembled in accordance with the assembly instructions and properly maintained. This is at Damoto's discretion.
3.2 The warranty covers only the technical operation and functioning of the product and not any consequential damage.
3.3 Damoto is product-responsible and therefore not obliged to come on site to assess the installation.
4. The warranty only entitles to free replacement of a defective product or repair after evaluation by Damoto. Consequential damage or other costs are not included in the warranty conditions.
5. If Damoto has made a repair or replacement of a product under this warranty, the original warranty period for the product in question will continue to apply and will not be extended.
6. If a complaint is reported and after investigation it appears that the cause of the problem is not due to the product, we reserve the right to pass on the costs incurred.
7. Exclusions from Warranty:
– Absence of original invoice or proof of purchase.
– Failure to process and/or maintain according to installation instructions/regulations.
– Extreme contamination in or of the product by external influences, such as sand, dust, water, mud and/or severe salt penetration in the coastal environment.
– Disassembly and/or repair of the product by third parties.
– Damage to surface treatment as a result of careless handling.
– Damage to the product caused during transportation or storage outside Damoto's responsibility.
– Damage caused by the use of parts other than those supplied or recommended by Damoto.
– Damage caused by inexpert handling, violence or a burglary.
– Normal wear and tear due to (frequent and/or prolonged) use.
– Natural disasters, war situations, lightning strikes and extreme weather conditions.
– All other causes that cannot logically be attributed to Damoto.
8. For consumers, the handling of the warranty goes through the party where the product was purchased. On presentation of the proof of purchase, the complaint must be reported no later than 14 working days after the complaint has been established. Other complaints must be reported to Damoto in writing within 14 working days after the complaint has been established.
9. If at the time of repair or replacement the product is no longer in production or no longer available in the same version, Damoto is entitled to repair it or replace it with a similar product.
10. All previous agreements and understandings regarding the applicable conditions are hereby superseded.
11. For other matters, the sales & delivery  conditions shall apply.

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