The province of South Holland in the Netherlands has introduced a subsidy scheme to promote the conversion of recreational boats from fossil fuel to electric inboard motors. The subsidy program offers private boat owners the opportunity to easily transition with a reimbursement of 25% of the conversion costs, with a maximum of €4,000.

The key conditions are:

  • For residents of the province of South Holland
  • For private boats with a berth in South Holland
  • Limited to inboard motors only, no outboard motors
  • Restricted to the conversion of existing boats, not applicable to new boats
  • Only for fully electric propulsion, not for hybrid systems

Detailed explanations and complete conditions can be found on

Applications can be submitted from November 16th onwards through the subsidy portal of the province of South Holland. The total budget for the subsidy program is €100,000, and applications will be processed in the order of receipt, provided they are complete.

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