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  • Basis Prijs/Basic Price€0,00
  • Aandrijving >€5.900,00
    • DAMOTO eCHAMP 5.0 Liquid | stainless steel motor frame with silent blocks, motor with liquid inlet & outlet, thrust bearing, controller in stainless steel casing incl. marine software & PC/handheld connector for motor tuning, on-board power converter (12V) integrated in controller casing, main power switch & fuse, controller cable with connectors (Plug-n-Play)€5.900,00
  • Koeling >€360,00
    • DAMOTO LIQUID COOLING Kit 5.0 Open Loop | for fresh water | self-priming pump, hull fittings, ball valve, bronze water strainer, hose (5m), hose barbs and clamps.€360,00
  • Accumonitor >€310,00
    • DAMOTO by Victron DISPLAY 712 Smart | iPhone / Android Bluetooth app | voltage, current, power, ampere-hours used, charging status & time remaining at current discharge | shunt in casing, connector for display cable (Plug-n-Play), display cable (10m)€310,00
  • Systeemmonitor >€600,00
    • DAMOTO by Curtis DISPLAY E4 | power, voltage, current (RMS battery), torque, controller & motor temperature | connector for instrumentation cable (Plug-n-Play), instrumentation cable (5m), key switch€600,00
  • Gashendel >€250,00
    • Basic Side Mount€250,00
  • Accupakket & lader >€3.320,00
    • DAMOTO by Edrive BATTERY Kit 7.7 AGM Deep Cycle | terminal covers, battery cables (15cm), battery main cables (2m) + DAMOTO by TCE BATTERY CHARGER Kit 9.6 | shore power cable with connector and Schuko plug (15m)€3.320,00

Prijs/Price @ dealer (incl. BTW/VAT)


Given name: Augustra
Brand & type: Maril sloep 625 met vetus M3.29 (27 pk)
Location: Heel- maasbracht

Shape: Waterverplaatser
(Waterverplaatser = Displacement, Semi-waterverplaatser= Semi-displacement and Planerend = Planing)

Material: Polyester
Polyester = Polyester, Staal = Steel, Aluminium = Aluminium, Anders = Other

Length at waterline: 5.5 m
Displacement with average load: 1300 ton
Current maximum hull speed: km/uur
RPM of motor at maximum speed 3000 rpm

Current Motor
Brand & type: Vetus m3.29
Power: 27 HP

Type: 3 blad schroef rechtsdraaiend diameter weet ik zo niet., inch

Usage: Pleziervaart
(Plezier = Pleasure, Verhuur = Rental, Beroepsvaart = Professional)

Cruising Area: Binnenwater
(Binnenwater = Inland waters and Zee = Sea)

Desired cruising speed with average load: 4 km/uur
RPM of motor at desired cruising speed: 2200 rpm
Desired cruising time with average load: 3 hr
Preferred system cooling: Luchtkoeling
(Luchtkoeling = Air cooling, Vloeistofkoeling = Liquid cooling, Geen voorkeur = No preference)

Waar zou ombouw moeten plaatsvinden. Wat voor aansluiting en vermogen is er aan walzijde nodig.

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